Our school - 1st Gymnasium of Galatsi Athens

  • Our school is located in a district of the capital not very far from the heart of Athens. Nevertheless it is a quiet area and most of the older inhabitants are migrants from the countryside especially from the islands of Cyclades. The teaching staff consists of 25 highly motivated teachers and at present 212 students are enrolled. Our students were raised in the area and generally speaking are achieving good standards of general education. About 10% of our students are second generation immigrants from Albania, Bulgaria and other former Eastern European countries. A small number have been diagnosed as suffering from learning difficulties and about 5% have experienced school bullying. Greek society has suffered a lot during the last decade, due to financial crisis. Thousands of jobs were lost and the average income was decreased up to forty percent. Our educational system proved to be completely under prepared for those challenges a society faces in an extremely competitive new era. We strongly believe that critical thinking skills as well as creative and inspiring courses of practical and training activities are the most valuable assets that our students need to earn through this project. Therefore it’s more than clear that the main and strongest motivation of our school in joining this project is to create the necessary educational background for our students to face and handle successfully the competences of European society and challenges. In addition, to become more communicative and socially cooperative with their fellow students in our partners’ schools.

    Our school has a lot of expertise from previous projects and a good hard working team.