21st Century Skills

This project units six countries from very different parts of the EU, with very different cultures and educational levels. It's Germany, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and France. We want to benefit from each other, exchange innovative methods by improving and fostering 21st century skills in order to rise students' motivation. We also want to foster the skills every student needs for being well prepared for the time at and after school, for being successful and motivated. With the help of new media and ICT we want to focus on critical thinking skill, communicating skill, collaborating skill, creative thinking skill and career and life skill. If students leave school being unaware of their skills and unaware of the competences that our century looks for, they will be unprepared for the challenges of society and workforce. In a world in which good design is increasingly used as a means of differentiating objects of mass production, creative, cooperative, communicative and critical thinking skills are highly desired in the labor force.

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