Our school - IGS Grünthal Hansestadt Stralsund

  • IGS Gruenthal is a public secondary school with 65 teachers and about 700 students which is located in Stralsund, in the north east of Germany. As integrated school it submits continual work in remained classes. Students are 10-19 years old and can pass all possible degrees. They can leave school with a certificate after 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th class. Our leading theme is to make young people strong. As full-time school it is open from 7 am until 4 pm five days a week. IGS Gruenthal is also a UNESCO and multi-media school. It offers its students the possibility to learn apart from the mandatory first foreign language English as well Swedish, Russian or French. For inefficient students our school offers several lessons with a stronger orientation on practical aspects. Additionally we have some trained educators helping them to find the best choice for their future entry into professional life. All our students profit from a cooperation with local enterprises, such as the Stralsund job center, take part in placements and further training lessons. Our school has also been involved in different etwinning projects. As a UNESCO school the IGS is also very active in questions that deal with UNESCO and World Cultural Heritage. Since September 2015 our school takes part in a EU supported programme (European Social Fond) to promote students in order to improve their results at school. Therefore two additional lessons in maths, English or German a week are provided to all students in class 5 and 7. Within the next years there will be more classes included. Many students of our school come from families with low income. This may be caused in the location of the IGS. In their daily life our students do not have the opportunity or the recourses to contact other students from abroad and try out learned foreign languages with native speakers.