Our school - IES Punta Larga Candelaria Tenerife

  • Our school has about 950 students and 70 teachers. It is located in Candelaria, in the north east coast of the Island of Tenerife, which is the largest and most populated island of the seven Canary Islands in Spain. Some students come from disadvantaged areas and other families are unemployed. Due to the financial crisis the region is undergoing at present, most families are conscious that their children's future depends on the efforts they make during their years at school but, unfortunately, lack of motivation sometimes arises. That is the reason why we try to improve our teaching methodologies in order to make our subjects more attractive for them, trying to bring their motivation up and to take advantage of the education they receive, which will benefit them in their future academic or professional prospects. We believe that this project can benefit all students, as each participant will be taught tolerance, acceptance of different cultures and team work, where all different talents and abilities will be valued and no one will be at risk of social exclusion. By taking part in the current project we aim to offer more activities to the students, to encourage them to accept other cultures and way of thinking, to motivate them to study different languages and to give them opportunities to communicate with peers from other countries. We strive to give them lifelong learning skills concerning their future jobs and personal life, their social interaction and their positive attitude towards the environment, to provide our students with the skills and the knowledge they need to
    make choices for their successful and rewarding lives in the EU and to become active citizens. We also provide them with the opportunities to be highly competitive and to have better chance in the labor market. Moreover, we try to spread the use of the 21st century technologies among the students and the teachers in our school and thus to increase the pupils’ motivation and interest in the learning process and to prevent the early dropping from school. The key persons are teachers from different subjects who have long expertise teaching at this school, and they are involved in the
    different current running projects in our school. Regarding the skills of the key persons involved in this project, they belong to different departments,l such as Natural Sciences, Technology, Maths, French, History or Computers Science. Our teachers are highly motivated, with an excellent pedagogical experience centered on the students and a good command of the new technologies as well as committed to take the post in case of necessity. Besides, the school has also registered for the eTwinning programme (English and French) with the idea of collaborating in projects with other European schools, based on collaborative work, the use of Information and Communication Technologies and the reinforcement of the European dimension.