Things to do - Mobility to Poland

  • 2nd mobility – Poland (C2) - According to our Application

    - Welcoming event

    - Workshops with the students: "Who Needs our solidarity and how can we help”.

    The workshops will be prepared in close cooperation with one of the nongovernmental

    foundations. They will be based on previous workshops introducing students, parents and teachers to the subject. They will also be preceded by the following activities:

    • interviews with people from the local environment, surveys conducted among students and parents, social experiments.
    • videos showing examples of positive actions and their consequences,
    • a web quest for classes,
    •  a "I need- I offer" school board that will be permanently included in the school's activities .
    • Workshops -partners' schools will present their works about "Solidarity".
    • Cultural visits
    • Closing event





    1 - Creation of a digital portfolio related to the first mobility (C2) by the countrie that have traveled to Poland;


    2 - Sharing the portfolio in Twinspace;


    3- Applying questionnaires for the evaluation of the mobility and for the results of the Project -  responsible country – Spain


    4 - Preparation of a mobility report (C2) - responsible country – Portugal

    5 - Interactive Posters