14 Final evaluation

  • Final words from the coordinators: 

    This project has been the first Erasmus+ project in which the Maltese and Irish schools have participated. It has also been the first one in Primary Education of the Spanish School. That means that it has produced a big impact on all the educational communities. The project design has been key to its success, even through the pandemic, it has allowed the partners not only to participate in Erasmus but also in eTwinning developping also their first project in this plattform. This has been a milestone in an Erasmus path with the Primary educational communities of each partner, opening opportunities for future collaborations. This strategic objective defined by the Management of the schools will be followed up by the Erasmus Plan that each school will have to prepare for the new Erasmus Program 2021-2027

    Evaluation of the project objectives:

    The evaluation of the grade of fulfillment of the objectives of the project is made from the indicators that were established in the project application: 

    • OBJECTIVE 1 (O1) - ACHIEVED - The workshops were made and the didactic units were shared in the TwinSpace. The didactic units were disseminated among the teachers of each partner school 
    • OBJECTIVE 2 (O2) - ACHIEVED - The chronogram of activities was done almost entirely (the ones not made was due to force majure of COVID) including the curricular map that is public in the TwinSpace. The quality of the project has allowed it to achieve quality seals. The activity P8-Evaluation gives positive results in over 50% of participating students. 
    • OBJECTIVE 3 (O3) - ACHIEVED - Two schools will go on working together at the end of the project. There is a new KA229 following this one among the Irish and Spanish Schools: BETO 2020-1-ES01-KA229-082510
    • OBJECTIVE 4 (O4) - PARTIALLY ACHIEVED - The eTwinning Project achieves quality seals and the EYCH seal. Two of the partners become eTwinning Schools.