06 More than just a picture

  • Hi again from Malta!!!! Today it was a casual day at school to donate money to Kenya! A number of children from our classes talked about the most popular monuments which we visited in Valletta and other prestigious heritage sites in Malta!

    Click this link below to view the tour and enjoy! 


    Hello from Ireland! Here is our 'More than just a picture' project. We created it using the Photospeak app and had great fun as we show you our much loved animals.

    Please click on the link below and enjoy...

    More than just a picture

    Hi from Spain!!! 

    We are so exciting with this activity! we went to Isabel la Católica Park, which is near to school and we recorded a video that we hope you enjoy! 

    it is about different important sculptures, where you will learn a bit more about our city and our country.

    Here you can watch our video!

    Enjoy it!