02 Spanish mobility

  • Spanish Mobility

    Spain (Gijón) 14-16th November 2018


    From the 14th to the 16th of November 2018, the first mobility of the Sharing and Learning Together (SALT) Erasmus+ KA229 Project took place in Gijón. The project, coordinated by CODEMA has a two-year duration (2018-2020) and is based in the exchange of good practices about new methologies and  inclusion among the following schools:

    -St Theresa College (Malta)

    -Killeenns (Ireland)


    Hecho con Padlet



    Over the week of the mobility, four teachers from the partner schools stayed at Gijón and they were seeing how we work in our school. All in all, lots of students and teachers (15 from CODEMA) took part in the activities of the project, that had great impact in the whole spanish school from Pre-Primary to last year of Secondary. The agenda had different institutional activities (meeting at the Town Hall with the Mayor of Education); workshops at the school (Cooperative learning, TouchCast, evaluation (Plickers), Flipped Classroom (Edpuzzle), and cultural activities (Gijón Tour Visit). The final version of the Curricular Map was approved by the partners and the SALT Guide - New Methodologies elaborated by the Spanish School was presented:

    SALT Curricula map.pdf

    SALT GUIDE - New methodologies.pdf

    The Spanish mobility is the first of the three that will take place over the project, the next ones will take place in Malta and Ireland in 2020.