Histogram graphs - (national groups)

  • Students create national groups (one for each country). You can use this app to create groups


    Each national team:

    1) This group for 2 weeks will count the water consumption at home (by the house meter) once a week.

    2) They will calculate the average daily water consumption per person in each home in litres ( mc 1= 1000 lt)

    3) They will calculate the average per person in each national group

    4) They will create a graph about water consumption per person per day in 5 European countries (mm3 - cubic meters - per day per person).

    5) They will insert the data in:


    Here is a tutorial that will help you for the online histogram

    tutorial histogram.pdf

    There will be a   folder (Water Histograms) in materials, where you can put your histogram. You can call this: Histogram - The name of the country.

    The deadline of this work will be on 20th of April 2019.



    water histogram Italy 1D.pdf

    Water histogram Greece.pdf

    water histogram.pdf class 1°D italy