Activities in Italy

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    This first learning activity for pupils will take place in Italy, where 20 pupils and 8 teachers from the partner countries will meet at the Italian school.

    The main topic of this activity is “meteorology” and is aimed at learning about how weather predictions are made (how to detect inputs from sensors, how to process data received) and climate change (reasons and consequences). Activities will deepen on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, with the large objective of gaining a holistic understanding of global environmental issue, and will especially be focused on: context analysis and

    inter-country comparison on climate change in Europe through measuring changes and comparing data - the effects of climate change (global warming, warming oceans, Artic Sea Ice declining, Glacial retreat, Ice Sheets Shrinking, Sea level rise, Biodiversity loss, Extreme events).

    Monday 12 November 2018

    Travel – Accommodation and dinner in families – free time


    Tuesday 13 November 2018

    8: 00 Gramsci secondary school 


    European Anthem

    Roncadelle, our town

    Le Torbiere


    9:00 - 10:50/11:00 - 13:00 Students are divided in international groups (4 ss per 5 classes 1st year secondary school) - Garden visit - Weather kit and solar panels observation, weather conditions record, data collection - coordinating Eleonora Tonelli

    Processing of collected data; graphic construction – coordinating Paola Lavinio

    Ecosystem and biodiversity; sharing and presentation of the environments of the various countries; group games - coordinating Eleonora Bullo


    1:00 pm lunch at the school canteen

    2:00 pm Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve in Iseo - coordinating Eleonora Tonelli

    5:15/5:30 pm free time - dinner at families


    Wednesday 14 November 2018

    7:45 Day trip to Venice - Climate 04-Sea Level Rise exhibition - Guided tour: the lagoon ecosystem - coordinating Paola Lavinio

    1:00 pm Lunch at the Planet pizzeria, Calle Casseleria

    2.15 pm Visit to S. Marco Basilica and Campanile

    4:00 pm Ferry from S. Marco S. Zaccaria to Tronchetto

    4:45 – 7:15 pm free time - dinner at families


    Thursday 15 November 2018

    8:15 - 9:00 Welcome – primary school visit – Climate Changes song

    9:00 – 10:15 Students are divided in international groups (4 ss per 5 classes 5th year primary school) climate changes: reasons and effects –

    Presentation of pupils in English • Vision of the video on climate change • Deduction questions of understanding related to the video

    11:15-12:15     Flag quiz

    12:15 lunch at the school canteen

    14: 15-15: 15 The pupils will make little hands on which they will write a promise on what they can do to prevent the terrestrial overheating "I promise to ..."

    15: 15-16: 15 classes will meet again in a single gym. The previously built hands will be used to create a final product.

    Greetings, a surprise for the children. (coordinating Sabrina Rubino)


    16:15 free time - dinner at families


    Friday 16 November 2018

    8:00/8:15 Trip to Nature - Water Exhibition at AmbienteParco in Brescia labs: water – 4R

    13:00 Packed lunch

    14:30 lab Ecological house (coordinating Paola Lavinio)

    16: 15-16: 35 Return to school and to families.

    18:00 - 20:00 Multi-purpose hall farewell party


    Saturday 17 November 2018