Online teachers meeting in December 2018

  • Choose the best date for our online meeting
    19/12/2018 17:30 CET
    2 votes (28.57%)
    20/12/2018 17:30 CET
    2 votes (28.57%)
    21/12/2018 17:30 CET
    3 votes (42.86%)
  • We have a date for our online meeting 21 December 17:30 CET 

    It will last 60-90 minutes and we will discuss about:

    The new Twin Space and ss' tasks to be completed  (Paola Lavinio)

    Final evaluation table in Portugal (Manuel Luis)

    Students questionanire: the results (topic Niki - soft skills Ania)

    Final evaluation table in Italy (Eleonora Bullo)

    At least, one English speaking teacher per country is required but all teachers involved in the project are very welcome (and needed).