Workshop - survey

  • Objectives

    Create items for the survey that will be administered in each school after the trip. 


    (1) Brainstorm individually about the topic of the learning activity: women and culture & sports. You will write one or more post-its note on a virtual wall (via Lino-it) :

    (2) You are going to be put into multinational groups. Brainstorm about women and sports / women and cutlure.

    (3) Create possible questions that could be asked in the survey (x10).

    (4) Present your items orally in front of all groups and explain the reasons why you find them relevant.

    All the items are going to be put altogether and you have to vote for 3 items among all the propositions - one per topic (via Tricider) :

    Eventually the survey will be composed of the top 10 items.