• Ventspils secondary school 3 represents a state-funded, day school, which is situated near the Baltic sea.

    The  aim of our school is to provide our students with qualitative education, inspiring them to achieve the best results in their studies and become multilingual, tolerant and highly educated citizens, successful in any profession. We are interested in sharing and exchanging our experience with colleagues in Latvia and abroad. The number of students at school is about 350 pupils.

    The curriculum of our school is developed according to the humanistic approach to teaching and traditions of classical education, especially concentrating on the study of languages and science. Our school is well equipped with computing facilities and modern technologies. Various lessons are often organised using IT technologies in specially equipped computer rooms. All our students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities at the basic school level.

    There are language clubs, workshops and seminars, organised on the basis of various subjects such as art, history and literature. Most of our students appreciate the opportunity and take active part in this extracurricular work. Our students also engage in research activities starting from grade 9 and they conduct their researches in various fields such as linguistics, humanitarian and exact sciences. We prepare our students to be successful in studies and achieve the best results in their chosen career. 

    We want our students to become Europeans citizens in a broader sense of this notion, that means that learning within an European project will raise pupils’ self-confidence by challenging them with achievable tasks and will develop key competences to pupils in a complex but effective way. So in the future they will become successful grown-up people.

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