• Lycée Alfred Mézières is located in the North-East of France, in Longwy.

    Around 1200 students aged 14-20 are enrolled in the school. It is a general, technological and vocational school. Our students can specialize in general subjects (such as sciences / literature / economic and social sciences), in technical subjects (engineering / management) or in vocational subjects (industrial-oriented programmes). We also have 3 higher education vocational programmes in international commerce, precision engineering and maintenance. The school is language-oriented. Students can learn 5 different languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Luxembourgish. We offer 4 "European programmes" (with CLIL lessons) and a French-Italian bilingual program (Esabac). The school also values international links.

    Longwy is a town located in an area called "the three borders" (France, Luxembourg, Belgium). Did you know? Longwy is famous around the world for its art pottery (the so-called Emaux) and its fortifications classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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