• Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Mário Sacramento is a cluster of schools in the municipality of Aveiro, comprising students from kindergarten to secondary school (ages 3 to 18). The cluster has approximately 2000 students at all levels of schooling and close to 200 teaching staff and 50 non-teaching staff.

    The head school, Escola Secundária Dr. Mário Sacramento, is situated in the center of the city of Aveiro and has students from grades 7 to 12 (ages 12 to 18). Some of the students have an articulated curriculum with the local music conservatory and there are also students that are pursuing a vocational path in the area of electromechanics and commerce.

    This school used to be exclusively dedicated to industrial and commercial careers but it has recently broadened its focus and secondary-level students can also pursue academic paths in the areas of science and technology, social and economic sciences and humanities.

    In terms of academic results, the school population has made the school the top public school of the municipality of Aveiro. But the school is much more than academic results. It is also part of the UNESCO network of schools because it is devoted to developing local historical heritage. There are also extracurricular activities that the school offers, such as sports, a drama and cinema club, an ecological club, among others.