• Science

    Nura Syouffi, Adrián Sánchez de los Reyes and Sandra Serra González

    IES Matilde Salvador, Castelló de la Plana, Spain


    This work has been done in the subject of Sciences for the contemporary world by Nura Syouffi, Adrián Sánchez de los Reyes and Sandra Serra González. It talks about the Science, deepening the motoring, his history and the problems they cause to the environment. This research showed innovative cars which will provide significant benefits in the future.


    This contribution is very interesting because it shows how the car won’t be a problem for the environment anymore, so it won't influence on climate change by reason of it does not use fuel, and therefore does not emit gases that pollute the atmosphere . This is because electric cars operate using electric charge. It also informs us of these types of motoring through its advantages and disadvantages. A survey came to the following conclusion: the current population is uninformed of these cars and therefore do not buy them, but recognize that, after receiving the necessary information through work and lowering prices they could buy them.


    In conclusion, we found this work very interesting because they have talked about the environmental impact of cars, telling characteristics of electric cars, and so far we had not heard about them almost, but they are beneficial to environment.


    Daniel Montero, Nadia Moukrim, Teresa Muñoz, Kevin Personat, 1ºBACT,