Diets express, ¿truth or myth?

    Aleix Huedo, Elena de Lamo, Jorge García and David García

    IES Matilde Salvador, Castelló de la Plana, Spain


    In this work, Aleix Huedo, Elena de Lamo, Jorge García and David García, have investigated on the different diets called “miracle diets” that promise to lose a big quantity of weight in a term of time very short.

    The intention was to check the results of diets to lose weight fast, which were found in internet. For this, the four participants of the group followed one of these diets of three days, ­each one with different characteristics.

    They have developed several concepts that condition our body such as the health, the physical welfare, the feeding and the genetic factors so important in our organism that condition our diets. From here, it comes that anybody can follow a general diet, that is, it has to be specific for each individue. They divided the group of four in two couples, each couple followed one of the diets chosen. Inside the couple, one, when finishing the diet, went back to his usual diet, and the another, continued with a balanced and healthy diet.

    They chose the diets of the pineapple and the peach, the two ensure a fast loss of weight. In some pages say that they do not exceed  the 5 days, in others found that with the diet of the peach can lose until 12 kilograms in 2 months, with the one of the pineapple 5 kilograms in two days.

    Each member of the group that realised the diet annotated his experience to know his effectiveness. The two students who after doing the diet went back to his alimentary habits, recovered the stray weight in a short period of time. Instead of this, in the two that followed carrying a diet balanced: the first one, who did not practise sport, in the long run recovered the stray weight going back to his initial weight; the second one, practising sport, achieved to keep this new weight.

    As a conclusion, the same diet will affect in a different way to each person according to his metabolism. Therefore, the best form to do a diet is to visit to an endocrine before trusting any diet of internet.


    Costiug, Gabriel; Cruz Monforte, Ivan; Collados Marzá, Laia