The  Life

    Ivan Cruz, Laia Collados and Gabriel Costiug

    IES Matilde Salvador, Castelló de la Plana, Spain



    In this work,  our colleagues Ivan Cruz, Laia Collados and Gabriel Costiug reflect the statistics that they performed with the results of the different questions asked to the students of the center, to observe the evolution of the healthy habits at different ages. To make the work, they focused on several main themes, as is the basic diet or healthy eating, also including different factors. It helps us to know the type of diet that we have to do for our health.




    According to the different factors such as height, weight, sex, age, etc. , an individual has some nutritional need. A diet is the set of the food consumed daily by people. Within it we can find different food groups, each one in a few different properties that characterize. Your diet can also make reference to the regime that carried out by real people, regardless of the reason for their habits  in the eat, drink and sleep. According to the foods you eat, your diet can be vegetarian , omnivorous ,carnivorous, basic or therapeutic.




    In this study, they did not make any practice of laboratory, but they performed a field work, doing a survey to obtain data from the healthy lifestyle in different ages. They used a computer to carry out the survey and a printer to print out all the questionnaires needed that studied how to make it at home, with great care. By means of mathematical computer programs introduced the data in these surveys to make some graphics and see the evolution in the different ages and the food tastes.




    By means of surveys carried out noted that today's young people do not care about it and make all the meals that should. For them, the important thing is the physical aspect more than having healthy eating habits. They also drew attention to their house where they connect to social networks and watching tv. In general, in accordance with their rise of the age they were able to verify that the feed is more controlled.

    In our opinion, this work was very well done and planned because they studied each age the survey in each in our centre.

    Villalta Pérez, Alba; Tomás López, Cristian; Truyenque Paucar, Gianella; Vizcaino Mateo, Odri