Miguel Ligero, Macia Paula Andrea and Matthew Andrea Milea.

    IES Matilde Salvador, Castelló de la Plana, Spain


    The global warming essay was made by our classmates Miguel Ligero, Macia Paula Andrea and Matthew Andrea Milea.


    What does it mean the global warning? It refers to the global climate change on Earth due to the issue of pollutant gases and chemicals, having these a huge influence on the vegetation and in animal life.


    To get an idea, from the 60s to the present, the increasing climate warming has been detected. The group that performed the essay did an experiment to prove it, which is realized by using a glass and a thermometer with which they check the greenhouse effect. In addition, we found all the invisible particles which are in the air, affects our health and the plants or animals.


    Their conclusion was that we should try to review what we are doing and where we are directing our steps. Now, we claim that we are the result of what we have done in the past and we will be in the future what we are doing at the moment. Finally it concludes that we are still on time to act.


    Our conclusion about their essay is that it seems to us a very interesting topic which we are all involved and affected simultaneously. The essay is successfully performed, and it includes an experiment which proves some of their theories.


    They consider important words to keep in mind in order to understand their job properly: overexploitation, pollution from fertilizers, overpopulation, pollution, pole.


    Andra Dumitru, Ferran Cuevas, Miguel de la Torre and Aina Duch