Teacher Educator Trainings




    Teacher Educator Training

    This concerns teacher educators who want to train primary and lower secondary school teachers how to offer their students personalized data-driven SRL support, and also how to develop the same skills themselves. This will allow them to support teachers’ SRL development, and to adapt their instructional practice to teachers’ individual needs and competence levels.

    Teacher educators in SLIDEshow are broadly defined as professionals supporting the professional development of teachers. We define 3 categories:

    • Pre-service teacher educators (including school mentors responsible for internships)
    • In-service teacher educators
    • School staff responsible for professional development within their school

    This third category implies that a primary or lower secondary school could send one of its teachers as ‘teacher educator’. These school based teacher educators are trained to subsequently support their team to learn about personalized data-driven SRL promotion, using the SLIDEshow teacher outputs. 

    The Teacher Educator Training's program along with a short description of its modules are presented in the file below:

    SLIDEshow C1 Training