Practice Framework


    This practice framework is aimed for teachers and teacher educators who wish to be successful in supporting their students’ SRL.

    Scientific evidence provides different effective ways to support student SRL. In order to facilitate the application of these effective SRL classroom practices, this practice framework provides the most recent evidence of effective SRL promotion strategies. By linking the practice framework to the European Qualification Framework (EQF), SLIDEshow integrates scientific and policy materials for the benefit of practice.

    Moreover, this practice framework describes what makes a teacher successful in evidence-based teaching and in personalizing instruction to the individual needs of students with regards to SRL. The profile is based on latest research in the field of learning analytics. It incorporates the DigComp framework that is currently widely implemented across the EU and over the coming years. Data literacy is one of the elements of DigComp as part of managing one’s own digital identity.

    Do you have any good SRL framework resources to share?

    Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Environments