SRL Relevant Practices

  • SRL Relevant Practices

    In order to fully support wide implementation of SRL classroom practices, we adopt a 2 phase approach. We first field-test our outputs within the consortium. Next, we facilitate the implementation of our outputs outside our consortium. In this second phase, associated partners and newly recruited schools and teacher education institutions will follow the training and subsequently implement the SRL toolkit and practice framework, as well as the associated mobile app and monitoring platform into their own practices. Moreover, in the second implementation phase, we also offer individual teachers the opportunity to follow the SRL mobile training on their own. Hence, SRL relevant practices aim to study and document the implementation of SLIDEshow materials in two tracks:

    • Informal track: teachers using the mobile app individually (and join e-Twinning),
    • Formal track: teachers using the mobile app and getting support of a teacher educator (and join e-Twinning).

    Moreover, the templates and procedures for collecting, analyzing, and sharing good practices are designed in a way that allows collection of good practices from both tracks.

    In this section you may find the relevant practices we have already collected.

    Do you have other relevant SRL practices to share?