• Your Experience in Sweden!

    Andrea from Madeira

    My experience in Stockholm was really good. I loved meeting my host family because they are amazing. It was also nice to meet people from Sweden, Spain and Germany. I enjoyed visiting the city. It has very beautiful landscapes, huge buildings and friendly people. The activities I enjoyed the most were cooking with the whole group and exploring Aspudden to collect information for the website. Thank you all for everything!

    Maximilian from Sweden

    I had an amazing time with the erasmus project. I was hosting Guilherme from Portugal and we had a great time, we became really good friends. The project lasted for one week but it felt like it was one day because of all the fun we have had. It supprised me how fast we were able to communicate with eachother as friends, and how many new friends I have made. I learned alot about Portugal and Madeira, and how different it is from Sweden.

    constanze from germany

    Sweden is a really cool country and I like Stockholm very much! The people here are so kind and always take care of other people. I am really greatful that Polly and her family were hosting me for this week. I`m glad I got to know a new country and new friends. Also it was really fun to met the swedish people who visited germany in spring. I hope I will see them all again and that we stay in contact.

    Estela from Spain

    I’ve really liked this week in Stockholm, all the people were really really nice, my host family, teachers, classmates, etc. I think I’ve improved my English, and I’ve tried a lot of new things like going by a boat and visiting a lot of new places. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I would recommend this experience to everyone.

    Ronya from Sweden

    It was so fun having the people from Portugal, Spain and Germany here. I had a great experience, especially with my student Leonor. We had a great time together. She was really nice and funny to be with. I was suprised that everyone was so nice. I learned how differnet everyones cultures are.

    Elvira from Sweden

    I think Erasmus has been a great experience. In the beginning it was a little scary knowing that a person that I’ve never met before were going to live in our house, but at the same time it was very exciting. I’ve learned a lot about different cultures and in what way Sweden is different from other countries, and at the same time I got to practice my english. It was very fun getting to know new people, and I hope I will be able to do something similar in the future!

    Ville Scott from Sweden

    The best part about this experience in my opinion has been all of the nice people i have met. I have made friends i never would have made if it weren't for this projekt, and it feels sad that they are going to leave. but i guess that is part of it, and i hope to stay in contact with the friends i have made. I didn't get to host anybody, but it was nice to have some time alone.
    I was surprised with how well everyone was able to understand eachother, i was expecting it to be hard for a lot of students to effectively communicate in English.
    I have refreshed my memory of Stockholm's history, and i have learned a lot about other cultures.

    Sandrine from Sweden

    My favorite thing about this was to get to know new people and experience to live with people from other countries. To learn that my own home here isn't as every other home in the world. That everybody's day looks different and that everybody do different things and have different routines.
    How hard it sometimes would be to communicate with people when they don’t understand you and you don’t know how to explain in.
    What it feels like I’ve learned this week is to communicate with people even when they don’t understand you. How other parts of the world looks and that we all have different cultures. That all our days looks different and that we all can learn from each other.

    Linn from Sweden

    I had a great time hosting Olaya from Spain. We did a lot together like shopping and meeting my friends. The best thing was showing Olaya how I live in Sweden. I bought candy so Olaya could try it and it was different talking english all the time but after a while I started to get used to it. It was surprising that in Spain they eat lunch after school. I learned more about Spain and also that it’s really easy to be understood in english.

    Timo Mengele

    Overall Sweden has been a great experience! My favourite experience has been the sight seeing in the Old Town for sure, we have been given so many interesting facts about this part of Stockholm. I was also surprised about the large amount of people that live in Sweden since I am from a small village with about 5000 inhabitants in germany myself. I have also learnt a lot about the history of Stockholm and traditions that you often practice there. Working on the LTS project with all the other students from foreign countries has been incredibly much fun!

    Clara from sweden

    The best thing about the exchange was to use all my languages that i speak and also to meet new people and make new friends. I was very surprised that the spanish people eat at 15.30 in Asturias when we eat at 12.00. But it was fun to learn a bit of spanish and to make new friends. I also learned that it is hard to be social all the time, but that just made me and my exchange-student closer.

    My swedish experience in October

    Well, my favorite thing form this great experience was that I could see the differences between the two countries. I like that because find interesting knowing how other people live. I think the most surprising thing for me was the aesthetic of everything, from the houses to the streets. And finally, the most important thing that I had learn from this project (from my point of view) was that even if we were students from differents countries we could understand each other very well.

    Hedda from Sweden

    I had a great time during this 5 days together with all the students and teachers. Lucia from a Spain was staying at my place and we had a great time both together but also with the other students. I had a great time in school but a even greater time after school where we did a lot of fun stuff together. During this week have developed my English. The thing that surprised me the most was during the first breakfast when I found out that Lucia didn’t know what a cheese slicer was, but also that everyone was so good at english and how easy it was to talk with everyone. Besides that the weather was kind of bad during the whole week I still had a lovley time and I hope all of you had too.

    Tim stridh

    My favorit thing about the exchange was that I got to meat so many nice people and hang out whit them.
    What suprised me the most was that we where so many peoples and every one has bin hanging out whit each other, I have had sooo much fun.
    I learned a little bit german becuse of my good friend Timo. I have also learn to not be afraid of the older people.

    Johannes from Germany

    I was wondering that the weather in Stockholm is quite similar to the one in Germany. The nature and buildings are very beautiful.
    My favorite thing was to live in an other family for 6 days. This was the first time I were in an other country with out my family.
    I learned very much about how they live there in Stockholm and that the food for lunch in school is free.

    João, from madeira

    My trip to Stockholm was one of the best experiences of my life. Everything was perfect since day 1. I was hosted by an amazing family and Frans, my Swedish host student, has become one of my best friends. I actually can say that now I have a Swedish brother. Apart from a different culture and the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, with this exchange I learnt how to create a webpage and that was very interesting and useful too.

    Frans from Sweden

    I think that the erasmus project was really good and I learnt a lot from having a student from a different country. The projekt was fun and the lessons was well prepared. I would actually say that erasmus projekt has changed my view on the world. In erasmus you got to speak to a student in my age about how life for young people is behind the tourist attractions of a different country. It was also great to show him around Stockholm. We went on a guided tour in Gamla Stan and we also played miniature golf. My favourite thing with the erasmus project was to walk with my student around the streets in södermalm showing him good stores and things me and my friends like to do. One example is when he went to the music studio where I record my music in. The erasmus project were really fun.

    Polly from Sweden

    The Erasmus project has been interesting because I have got to to see that we have a lot in common and that life is quite similar. It feels like it brings the world a bit closer. I had a lot of fun together with Constanze and the other ones. It was super fun talking to other teenagers The thing I was most surprised about was that it was so easy to connect with the other students and we understood each other extremely well. I think that this week has been more learningful than any english lesson. We don’t live that different lives but you begin to see things that you might think is obvious but clearly isn’t for others. Cultural things that you haven’t reflected upon. It’s very interesting because it gives you a fresh perspective on things.

    Lian from Spain

    This was my fist exchange and it was fantastic. I had, in my oponion, the best family, they took care of me, they cooked wonderful dishes for me and I really got very fond of my host student.
    I've learned lost of customs and things that I have to do and things that I don't, and also a little bit of Swedish.
    I am not very sociable and I don't really like to be with many people, but the students involved in the project have been very kind and nice. I've also been with classmates that I wouldn't have thought would become friends forever.

    Melvin from Sweden

    I think it was fun to have a person from a another country home at me because I got to know new example how the country and the city is different from Sweden.
    It surprised me that Sweden and Germany is pretty similar countries the biggest different is the langues and then the country is pretty similar.
    I learned a new card game and how Spain and Germany celebrate traditional holidays.

    Leon from Germany

    We had an unforgettable trip to Sweden, everyone was very kind and it was very nice to get to know the swedish culture and the food. It was also good to see some sights of Stockholm and to work on the project. I think we all improved our skill in speaking english a lot. It was very funny to stay Morris‘s house, thank you for this incredible week!

    Leon from Germany

    We had an unforgettable trip to Sweden, everyone was very kind and it was very nice to get to know the swedish culture and the food. It was also good to see some sights of Stockholm and to work on the project. I think we all improved our skill in speaking english a lot. It was very funny to stay Morris‘s house, thank you for this incredible week!

    Selma from Sweden

    I'm very happy with the Erasmus project this week. It was fun to meet so many new people and take part of their experiences and lives, me and Iyana got along really well and we had a lot of fun with the others too. I think the best thing was to see all the small differences in everyday life, like at what times you eat and how the school system works.

    I think what surprised me the most was how I started to look at my own town and neighborhood from a different view, you're used to these places but when showing the guests around I started to look at other things.

    I learned a lot about Spain as a country and it was really interesting getting to know about the culture and politics. My English also got much better from talking the whole week.

    Thank you for this experience!

    Olaya from Spain

    My favorite thing about the exchange has been the fact of visiting a foreign country and meeting new people. There are lots of things that I didn't expect of a big city like Stockholm, like its aesthetic, that I think it's really pretty with the trees and other stuff. Meeting people from other coutries was great. I stayed with Linn and I really enjoyed spent time with her and her family. Meeting her friends and the other students was great because everyone was really nice with me. I've learnt how to communicate in English in a constant way,and not only in English lessons. I definitely reccomend the experience.

    Älva from Sweden

    Hello my name is Älva and I’m live in Sweden and was hosting Andrea. My favourite thing about the exchange in stockholm was to learn new things and meet new people from other countries. I’m also really liked the party that we haved together in thursday because it was fun to dance, sing and look at the good and funny performances. I also liked to go to skansen, play miniature golf and bake swedish fika and eat it. But the thing that I liked the most was the sparetime because I could get to know everyone better to exempel I go to the cinema with A swedish student and the person she host and it was really fun. It surprised me that it don’t was a very big difference although some of the student were much older. I haved learn to be more confident at talking english.

    Leonor from Madeira, Portugal

    I had an amazing experience with a lot of new things to me. A different culture and habits that I was not familiariased with.
    It was really nice getting to know the city and also new people.
    One thing that I loved to see were the trees with green, yellow, orange and red leaves, which we don't have in Madeira because we really don't have seasons there.
    The aspect that confused me the most was the weather and getting dark very early.
    Moreover, the tasks we have done were very interesting and allowed us to get to know Stockholm better.
    As for my personal experience that was great too because I was hosted by an amazing family. Actually Ronya's family made me feel like home and I must thank them a lot for that.

    Trevligt att träffa dig Sweden

    This week has been the most incredible one in my life. If someone had told me some time ago that I would be able to come here, probably I wouldn't have beieved it. We're not the only people in the world so our habits and custom are not the same.
    I've done a lot of interesting things; I've visited a lot of new places and I've met a lot of incredible people. This time here will be unforgettable. My host family was incredible. The possibility of being host at Hedda's house was amazing. Now I know that I'll always have someone waiting for me here and that's so comfortable. I've improved my English a lot and I learnt a few Swedish words (I'm so good).
    I want to thank all people involved in this project , because without them I wouldn't have been able to make this dream come true.

    Daniela from Portugal

    My experience in Sweden, Stockolm was amazing. During this week we learnt a lot about the local heritage and the Swedish culture. The activities we did were very interesting. We had the chance to get to know Liljeholmen very well. I felt very welcome in my host family. They were really nice to me and I thank them for that. This city is enjoyable. It is quite different from Madeira. Autumn is more beautiful here. The city is all painted in red, yellow and orange, which makes it even more interesting.

    Guilherme from Portugal

    I had a great time in Sweden. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I have to thank Max and his dad Peter for hosting me. I felt like a member of the family. It was great to experience a different type of weather. It's the opposite of Madeira where it's warmer and usually sunny. I also learned how to cook Swedish cookies .

    Rubina from Portugal

    My experience in Sweden was wonderful. Everything here is different from Portugal, but it is amazing. I really like the lifestyle here, the food, the habits and the culture. The major difference is really the weather and the fact that it gets dark really early which was quite surprising and a new experience to me. My host family was lovely and I felt like home. I loved to get to know new people and make new friends. With the research about Swedish places and the work developed afterwards I learnt how to select important information and be more objective which is a huge achivement for me.

    The Portuguese Teachers

    To start with, we would like to thank all the Swedish Teachers involved in the planning and execution of all the activities that took place during the week we spent in Stockholm.
    While doing the different tasks, both teachers and students, not only accomplished the items on the agenda of this 3rd exchange, but also had the chance to get to know Stockholm's heritage.
    It was definitely an unforgettable experience for the Portuguese students, who enjoyed being hosted by the Swedish families. Therefore, they could have a first-hand experience of the Swedish way of life. Moreover, they had the unique opportunity to compare the main differences between their school and the host's school.
    Finally, we must point out the beauty of Stockholm highlighted by the autumn colours, which we don't usually have back home.

    Lucia from Spain

    My experience in Sweden has been INCREDIBLE, I can't find the words to describe it. My favourite thing during this week it's that I have known many people, the german, portuguese, and of course the swedish students. Also, I have known better some of my school mates because sharting all this week has made it possible. I've met an amazing family and that's one of the things that has surprised me the most because they have treated like one more dougter; also my host sister, Hedda, who has been awesome with me. I've learned so many things about the customs of this country. I've done so many interesting things, I've played minigolf, dances from different countries and I've learned how to bake Fika.

    Cajsa from Sweden

    I think the Erasmus project have been really fun, I learnt a lot about how our culture, school etc differs, but also how much we have in common. I was surprised to see how well everyone got along despite differences and a bit of language barrier. It was a new experience having someone you’ve never met before live with you but it was still fun, me and Rebecca got along very well and discovered that we had many similar interests as well which made it easier for us to 'connect'. Another thing was having to be social all the time, which I'm not used to. In a sense I think it was good because it made us more comfortable around each other..