• My experiences in Germany - Writing Board

    Rubina from Madeira, Portugal

    It was an awesome week! I loved every single moment. On this trip we had more work, so it was an intense week. I loved my host family because we had a good relationship. I will never forget them! It was fantastic to get to know new places, different customs, different food, but delicious. I will miss Germany and the people I met there.

    "Schnitzel" Joana

    Schnitzel was the nickname that the mother of a German girl gave to me, because I spent the whole week eating that dish as much as I could! Trying the Schnitzel was one of the best experiences of the exchange :)
    Besides that, meeting new people, a different country and culture was great. In spite of working a lot on the "learning through service" project, it was a unique experience that I will never forget.
    I'm looking forward to meeting you here in Madeira Island next year!

    Daniela from Portugal

    The week I spent in Germany was marvellous. I will always keep this experience in my mind because I enjoyed staying with my host family and the activities we did were very interesting, namely the ActionBound and the City Map of Regensburg. Besides, during this mobility we created many friendship bonds. Moreover, I loved visiting Kelheim, Regensburg and München.

    Leonor From Madeira

    My experience in Germany was awesome and exceptional. It was a good way to make new friends and get to know more about different cultures. My host family was amazing. They were so lovely and nice to me without even knowing me that well!! Moreover, It was an interesting and UNIQUE experience... Furthermore, the activities were very innovative and educational because they easily draw young people's attention to our heritage!!

    Amazing Experience with cool students from all across Europe!

    For me as a teacher it was a really amazing experience, as very rarely you come across so many young people, whose English is so great, who are so brave and open to meet and work with other students and who are so relaxed when it comes to interacting with people from a different country. Also the host-parents confirmed that all of the visiting students were super-friendly and one could tell that they enjoyed the week just as much as I did.
    So all of this was not only an exceptional experience for the students, but also for us adults and teachers. Thank you everyone for the spirit, the hard work, the fun and the good times! This is what makes being a teacher worthwhile! All the best - hope to see you all soon again! Bernd

    Germany was fantastic for me

    In this wonderful experience I learnt interesting things about the heritage. On the one hand I did not just learn about heritage. I also learnt to feel more confident speaking in public. Now, for me it is much easier. On the other hand, I improved my ICT skills using Actionbound which was an interesting app we worked with. I also really like working in teams with students from other nationalities. I learnt new things about them, and maybe they could learn things about us. About my host family, I only have good things to say. They were very friendly and nice people. I am very happy that I could stay with them. Finally, i feel that I have learned meaningful things for my future life. And last bit not least I had lot of fun! Irene 😊

    Kelheim my second Home

    My experience in Germany was absolutely unforgettable! I was so lucky to have such a wonderful family, I never thought I'd get on so well with my host sister Lea. The food is amazing and the people are so nice, even though I almost got hit by so many bicycles. The work we did was very practical and also very useful for tourists visiting the city of Regensburg, as it is something that is very helpful for them, instead of a simple PowerPoint that would end up being forgotten in weeks. I hope to come back to Kelheim again!
    Ana Gonçalves from Portugal

    A very nice and remarkable experience!! By Ana Shuye from Spain

    This experience in Kelheim has been one of the nicest I've had in my life. I learnt some very interesting things about Kelheim and Regensburg's heritage. I learnt how to create a game in an App with which you can visit the city at the same time you’re learning.This type of experiences are very enriching!!
    I loved meeting people from other countries, that was one of the best parts!!
    About my host family, I have to say that they were really nice with me since the first day, I was very comfortable with them!!

    My wonderful experience in Germany, Coral (Spain)

    On the one hand, thanks to this experience I have been able to know many things about Kelheim and Regensburg through guided tours, the app for the mobile and the map activity, when we were working in Regensburg and we had to move around the city in search of some specific places.
    On the other hand, it has helped me to have more confidence in myself and to realize that I am able to communicate in English, "easily".
    Finally, I want to thank my host family for being such wonderful hosts! I can only say good things about them; since the first moment they made me feel very comfortable with them and they were great to me.

    Can this get any better? Merche Hernández, Project Coordinator (Spain)

    Hope it will, although it is going to be very difficult, because the German Team prepared for us a week full of amazing experiences!

    The work developed by all the students involved in the project was extremely productive: apart from presenting their LTS activities (excellent ideas, everybody!) and analysing how this way of learning works, they did what it is expected in any Erasmus + Project, join forces and work together all the time! And for me, as a teacher, that is the best part. I love seeing my students interact with others, and from four different countries, as if they were their own classmates. No boundaries! We also enjoyed the fun side: getting to know the beautiful area, the friendly people, the customs, the timetables (why do you start the day so early????), the food...

    Thanks, Bernd, Edith, Katrin and congrats on your excellent work! Working together is great!

    Ángela from Spain

    At first, I was really nervous about meeting all these fantastic people. I´ve learned that you shouldn't have an idea of somebody without talking to that person before because most of the times you´ll get surprised. Another fantastic thing is taking part of a new family and discovering different ways of doing things. It was really good to have a host sister and spend time with her!! Working in teams from different countries makes you feel more comfortable about what you are saying and who you are speaking to. I really loved Germany and its people. I hope to visit it again.

    Leon from Germany

    The week with our guest students was amazing! While working on our projects even the German students learned a lot of new things about the history of Regensburg, particularly of the Jewish community. I have also improved my English a lot by talking to the other students. They were all very nice and funny. You was able to teach them a lot about your country and your tradition and in return they did the same with you. I really enjoyed working with them as a team. I had a lot of fun during this week. If there was a chance of repeating this meeting in Kelheim with the same people I would like to be part of it, too. I am really looking forward to the meeting in Sweden next October and I hope I can see some of these students again!

    Vanessa's Experience

    I had an amazing experience! Definitely one of the best experiences of my life!!! Germany exceeded all my expectations: the food, the people, the beauty of the cities,... I really really loved my host family. They were very friendly and thoughful. Moreover, it was fantastic meeting new people, getting to know other cultures and a bit more about the history of the cities where we were.
    I also improved my English a lot by working in international teams and by hanging out with everyone!

    My experience in Kelheim by Raquel from Spain.

    I feel very grateful for taking part in this cool project.
    I have learned a lot about the other countries in the project but the most important is that this project has helped me to lose the fear of speaking English. It is not the same as in class because when you go to another place where you really need to speak English you surprise yourself. When we were working in mixed groups you had the opportunity to talk to everyone. Everyone was willling to tell you a thousand things as if you were their friend.I loved my host family ,Vickie is great and she is like a friend to me. Her family welcomed me as one more in the family. I’ve become really fond of them and I am very grateful for everything.

    Carlos from Spain

    I would like to share with you some impressions about my experience in Kelheim.
    Something that I want to make clear is that after our trip to Germany, I feel more confident to speak in public. In Spain we also do presentations, but in class we all know each other so there is no reason to feel uneasy. In Germany, it was a completely new experience, having to talk in front of quite a few people that I didn't know at all. That was the best thing about the trip for me.
    The other thing that I liked the most was my host family. They were so good to me that they changed my attitude towards taking part in an exchange. They were all very friendly!
    I fully recommend this experience to anyone, it was great fun and at the same time we learnt many things.

    das Schwedish lowe wünderbar

    yes the week was hilarious and very enjoyable. I had a wunderbar time in Germany, and I just want to thank all of the people who made it into one of my best weeks in my lives!
    During my week in Germany I improved my english by not speaking Swedish at all (almost). I also enhanced my communication skillz by having to talk to people I've never met before, besides that people from other countries.

    hehe yes very good.

    Everything about this week was lit, but probaly the most epic thing was the food. I love schnitzel. It tastes nice :D My host family was also extremely nice to me and i enjoyed staying with them that week.
    I miss all of my new friends in Germany including Mr Schwartz and I am very excited to meet all of them in Schweden in october!

    cheers & much love, lowe

    Rita from Schweden

    I'd like to thank every student participating in this project, it was lovely meeting all of you. I learned things about other European cultures that I had no idea about. We could together spot differences in stuff such as food, communication and sports. It was fun to learn how they work in school since we're all students.

    We did lots of activities that required us all to get to know one another, and the lunch breaks were filled with laughter. I definitely saw a new side of Germany which was connected to the culture; clothing, holidays and foods. Thank you mr Schwarz for being an excellent tour guide throughout the week.

    My host family made sure I learned as much as possible! They took good care of me and it was really interesting getting to know them and looking around in their village.

    We came home with new experiences and knowledge!

    What a week!

    Thank you all students, families and staff for making us feel so welcome in Germany. We learned so much about a lot of things and about ourselves. Friendship, languages and history are only a few things to mention that we bring back.
    We are so lucky to be in this project among so many wonderful people.
    Thank you for a great experience.
    Anneli and Mattias

    An Unforgettable Experience

    Once again we had the opportunity to experience a memorable week in Germany thanks to our German hosts.
    Everything was meticulously planned by the German teachers. Therefore, both teachers and students from the four countries involved had the chance to take part in interesting activities, which were not only fun, but also very instructive.
    We got to know the local culture and heritage, tried the local gastronomy, mingled with German families and hung out with all teachers and students.
    To sum up, this was an intense and exceptional experience due to the acquired knowledge and the interpersonal relationships.
    The Portuguese teachers
    Clara and Raquel