A picture is worth a thousand words

Students select photos on an assigned topic, attach short descriptions or stories and publish them on a visual platform where all participants can be inspired to interact, evaluate and contribute with more photographs and comments or stories.

module 2: Walking down the streets in other people's shoes. a) Photos and Stories

   Dear participants,    

   It's Action time

   This module involves:

1. An outdoors activity: Students walk down the streets of their hometowns, spot different types of people and take photos.                             


2. Story writing: They write imaginary stories about the person/people depicted in their picture.The stories should somehow reveal aspects of everyday life, culture and lifestyle of participants' hometowns. It is advisable to narrate their stories in 3rd person. (about 180 words)


3. They upload their photo-stories onto Costory platform/jotable.com

 Click on this link to publish your photo along with your story: http://jotable.com/s/4d0ov 

Just to remind that if you want to post your photo- story onto costory you need to sign up first.                Deadline for your posts:17 November


4. They go to the FORUM and exchange messages and comments on their partners' photo-story contributions in Costory.


5. They take part in a photo and story competition (see page Module2.b).

                     Enjoy yourselves!    


                                           A positive online review from costory.com


  NOTE: All students' work on this module is published in the jotable platform which is embedded above. In case you cannot have access to the site, the students' work is also saved in the doc on the left.

A photo collage  of all photos taken by the Greek, Turkish, Polish and French   students.You can read students' imaginary stories about the pictured people's life in costory/jotable.com which is embedded into this page or in the doc above.

                                                                                                                               (photo collage by the Greek student Alexandra Fratila)