A picture is worth a thousand words

Students select photos on an assigned topic, attach short descriptions or stories and publish them on a visual platform where all participants can be inspired to interact, evaluate and contribute with more photographs and comments or stories.

Module 6 (3): Portraits and Identity-Story Competition

Dear participants,

It's a story competition time!

You have written wonderful autobiographical stories based on factual biographical details of outstanding personalities depicted on black and white portraits by famous photographers. So, here comes the time to take part in a story competition and vote for the stories that impressed you the most.

Rules: Vote for 2 stories in each portrait.There will be 16 winners in total. Your votes must be visible, so don't forget to write your name/ country when you vote.Besides, it is advisable to provide comments for all stories even if you do not vote for them. Take your time, read all the stories carefully and be objective at your judgement.

       Good luck to all of you!!

                  You can vote here. (tricider.com is embedded here)



      Coco Chanel          by 1. Nancy Rekoumi from Greece (21 votes)

                                             2. Joanna Soczec from Poland (16 votes)

     Johnny Depp          by  1. Joanna Chrysomalli from Greece (16 votes)

                                             2. Arthur and Stijn from France (11 votes)

      Patti Smith             by 1. Eirini Simiti from Greece (14 votes)

                                              2. Natalia Dykas from Poland (11 votes)

                                              2. Alexandra Fratila from Greece (11 votes)

     Lionel Messi            by  1. Magdalena Wal from Poland (15 votes)

                                              2. Stamos Petroulias from Greece (14 votes)

     Salvador Dali         by  1. Helen Fragkaki  from Greece (14 votes)

                                              2. Markos Plakou from Greece (11 votes)

                                              2. Fenia Charalambopoulou from Greece (11 votes)

     Alfred Hitchcock   by 1. Natali Sariaslan  from Turkey (14 votes)

                                               2. Nikos Poulos from Greece (13 votes)

      Frida Kahlo              by 1. Vasiliki Christopoulou from Greece (13 votes)

                                              2.Aylin Ocan from Turkey (11 votes)

                                              2. Laura Kieltyka from Poland (11 votes)

      J. K. Rowling           by 1. Joanna Terpo from Greece (12 votes)

                                                2. Antonia Gouma from Greece (11 votes) 


                 to the winners and to all participants on your lovely stories!!!!!