A picture is worth a thousand words

Students select photos on an assigned topic, attach short descriptions or stories and publish them on a visual platform where all participants can be inspired to interact, evaluate and contribute with more photographs and comments or stories.

Module 2: b) Photo-Story competition

Dear participants,

You have taken inspiring photographs to illustrate your amazing stories.

So now, it's contest time.           Good luck to all of you!!

Take part in our photo-story competition by voting the contributions you got impressed by the most.

RULES: Provide 8 votes: 2 for each country. Your votes must be visible.Don't forget to write your name when you vote .Besides, try to comment on  the pros and cons arguments for as many stories as you wish.There will be 2 winners from each country.

You can vote here. (The  Tricider platform is embedded here.)     

  Photo competition deadline: 12/12/2014 


Students' evaluation of Module 1.   (AnswerGarden is embedded)

Evaluate the overall activity of Module 1 (taking photos/writing stories/photo competition) by clicking here and then write 1-2 words in the box to express your feelings.

Photo-Story Competition.....and the Winners are:

Turkey: 1. 'The story of their life' by Aylin Ocal    2. 'A Brave Man' by Margarita Sardaryan


France:1. 'A family story' by Mathieu Werra  2. 'Protest against the fusion' by Stijn Stevens


Poland:1. 'A young girl' by Justyna Augustowska 2.'The Brave marriage couple' by Joanna Jawor


Greece: 1.'A sweet melodic latterna, a bitter life' by Helen Fragkaki 2.'Love and memories in the streets of Athens' by Joanna Chrysomalli


CongratulationsAylin, Margarita, Mathieu, Stijn, Justyna, Joanna J., Helen, Joanna C.

and Congratulations to all Turkish, French, Polish, Greek students on your lovely photos and stories!!!