Internet safety

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    eSafety Label

    Childnet –

    The Better Internet for Kids (BIK) -

    Wisely on the Internet (Targalt Internetis) - an Estonian project which has materials in English too. A main page to acquire materials about web safety.

    How to help students to create a safe profile in twinspace:

    Standing  up against cyberbullying:

     Created by young people for young people, the book "The Web we want" aims to explore rights and responsibilities and encourage reflection on their and peers' behaviour.;jsessionid=57CC0153C7D67C97AA47D70D36863B19



    Internet security in our school

    In curriculum of OŠ Otona Ivekovića, Zagreb we have organized Preventional programs mentored by our social pedagogue Jadranka Bašić Parić.

    One of these programs is Security on Internet. Our students of 8th grade teach students of 4th grade about this important topic. The aim is to develop critical thinking about internet violence and to find ways to be on internet in safety.



    We are participating a progam called Wisely on the Internet (Targalt Internetis), working on their materials throughout the School year. Teachers are working with materials and having discussions with their classes, often integrated in school subjects/ lesson plans.

    There is a week every February while this topic is especially  in focus and we arrange several events and activities on this week. Every second year there will be arranged a competition about internet safety and skills where our school also participates.

    Web page:

    There are materials both for childen and youngsters, and for parents and teachers too. Some materials are in English too.

    F.ex for teachers are such materials in English available

    and for children are materials in English available in this page:



    We celebrate the Safer Intenet Day every year. This year students used some web tools to sprad the message of safety in internet.




    Here in Sogndal we have, as in other places and countries, a big increase in the use of computers and other digital devices. Not all our pupils can handle this in a good way and we have had cases of online bullying, where pictures have been misused and pupils have received anonymous notifications online. To stop, and prevent this, we now have internet behaviour incorporated in our curriculum on almost every level at our school. We also cooperate with other instances, such as the police, as to help our pupils understand that online bullying is actually a crime, and can be punished by law.

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    We have now also tried out mobile free sone in our 8th grade during school hours. This is both to prevent bullying and to increase social interaction between the pupils. This because we have experienced that they use a lot of time buried in their mobile devices in stead of actually talking to each other. This has been welcomed by parents and even the pupils are positive to this after a few days without their mobiles.