Leaving traces

    • After a lot of searching and investigation in the building and the schoolyard of the 1st Liti's Kindergarten, we found some traces..... We believe they are Shady's! Here they are...

    and this is the chronicle of his kidnapping and his traces' decoding...


    • We searched our school - Dimosio Nipiagogeio Arediou- and we found these traces. We

    decoded them

    and they were from Magneta. 

    then beebot with here magnifying lense helped us discover that Magneta was held in the desert in Africa.

    Beebot helped us put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the mystery.



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    •  We searched and investigated in our Junior and Primary schools (classes, building and schoolyards) of Ecole Herriot, and we found some traces ... We believe that they are Electra's traces ... Here they are :




    • We also found the traces of Thor. She is waiting for us in the Cave Cave in northern Greece. We have seen that it is the Alistrati Cave.