• In France we received a strange message from a balloon which told us that her name was Electra ...

    She asked us to perform experiments with her to help her get out of the ballon.


    - First experiment : Stick the ballon to the ceiling

    At the begining we took the ballon but impossible to stick it to the ceiling...






    So Electra gave us a clue: for all these experiments we need to rub the balloon on our hair or on our sweater !




    - Second experiment : Bend the water with the ballon



    - Third experiment : Collect scraps of paper with the ballon



    - Fourth experiment : Move an aluminum can with a ballon but without touching it




    - Fifth experiment : Make feathers rise with a ballon



    Sixth experiment : Fly a ghost with a ballon


    As we did all the experiments, the balloon burst and Electra appeared. We helped her get dressed and she revealed her power : no magic but static electricity !!!