The kidnapping

    • In France we were so happy to know Electra, but our joy was just for a little moment. During our winter holidays, our teacher found that letter in our class : Electra has been kidnapped !!


    • In Greece we received a mail from our partners in France, which informed us about Electra's kidnapping from SETM! 


    We felt so sad and upset..... But... where is Shady? Is he safe, or........?

    We searched for him in our classroom...

    but he was not there! Instead of him, we found a note from SETM...


    Despite our distress, sadness and disappointment, we considered of notifying our partners in Cyprus! 

    So, we had a videoconference with them to tell these bad news!


    • In Cyprus we had a videoconference with our friends from Greece. They told us the bad news about the kidnapping of Shady. So we looked for Magneta. But unfortunately Magneta was GONE! In her place we found this letter:

    We were very upset. We expressed our thoughts and ideas. We searched our classroom . But nothing.



    We sent an email to our friends in Bulgaria to protect Thor.


    • Unfortunately, in Bulgary we had the same bad luck as in France, Greece and Cyprus.... Thor has been kidnapped, too!!!