Let's introduce ourselves


    Our pupils' profile

    Eftychia Touliou

    (primary school teacher)

    My pupils are 8 years old and they are third graders... We will work in teams and in this way I will invite them on Twinspace platform.

    Murielle Ducroo


    We are a small preschool in southwest France. My students can not read or write their own, because they are too young (4 and 5 years) ... But they like discovering new things ...

    Vaia Miariti

    (primary school teacher)

    My students are 6 years old and come from different parts of the world, speak Greek and English. live in Athens-Greece. We are looking forward to starting our work!

    Polyxeni Pelekouda


    In our school there are students from 6-12 years old. We are situated in Patras, a major city in Greece. Certainly young children do not yet know to write, while older and know English.

    Nikolaos Bakopoulos

    (ICT teacher)

    We represent an Experimental Public Junior High School in Patras, where the student are between  12-14. They speak english well and are capable in using several ICT tools.

    Karol Barriuso

    (english teacher)

    Our students are 10 to 12 years old, the oldest in the school, 5th and 6th graders. They speak Catalan, Spanish and a bit of English.