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  • When the chidren express themselves...

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    I learnt many things about traditions in France and Greece. I have many new friends now. (Gisela)

    My mother always told me it's important to learn english, now I know. I also want to learn french and Greek. We sang in their languages and it was so fun! (Aidan)

    When you work with kids in Europe is more fun. (Nerea)

    I liked to make programs for the radio and listen to it with my family and friends (Eloi)

    My favourite activity was to sing in other languages, it was difficult but I loved it. French sounds like catalan and Greek like Spanish. (Dani)

    I missed chatting by writing, but Skype was great too. (Alex S.)

    For the eTwinning Anniversary we sang a song adapted. I know that song in the piano. I loved it. (Daniella)

    I want to work with my friends in Europe next year and learn many more things. (Hugo)