Let's celebrate the 10th anniversary of eTwinning with a collaborative song

  • Let's work on the European anthem and create a part of the lyrics in your own language. Give us a translation of your lyrics in English to understand...

    Here you'll find the European audio file we could use to create our new lyrics :

    I can cut it into smaller parts so that each country can get its part...

    France starts : (french audio file)

    Here are the french Lyrics :

    Translation in English:

    A song for your anniversary !

    That's a very nice gift !

    Different languages to play, sing, dance and smile...

    A cake with 10 candles...

    10 years already ! What a great day !

    We 'll celebrate it all together

    in the wonderful eTwinning world !

    eTwinning anniversary french part from md on Vimeo.

    Spain goes on : (spanish audio file)

    eTwinning 10th anniversary song (Catalan part) from Karol Barriuso Rayo on Vimeo.

    Lyrics in Catalan for eTwinning celebration song

    juga, canta, apren creix i crea,

    play, sing, learn, grow and create

    tot mentres vas fent nous amics

    all while you’re making new friends

    ara les aules es traslladen fins a Europa

    Now the classes move to Europe


    Vine amb nosaltres a gaudir d'aquest gran dia

    Come with us to celebrate this big day

    en el que celebrem que etwinning fa deu anys, ja!

    In which we celebrate that etwinning turns 10, already!

    Greece ends : (Greek audio file)

    Now time to work...




    Lyrics in Greek and also in English

    Our song for 10 years eTwinning!

    10 years eTwinning from van miar on Vimeo.

    Intercultural Primary School in Alsoupoli-Athens-Greece

    and with English subtitles!!!

    10 years eTwinning-with English subtitles from van miar on Vimeo.


    Happy anniversary eTwinning !!!!

    song from md on Vimeo.

    ETwinning day 7th May 2015 : Skype meeting

    Eurotales skype France Greece from md on Vimeo.