Portugal - Azores

  • Monday, April 1st.
    New day, new faces. We started off with ice-breaking games (e.g. m&m´s, petty paper), everyone had fun.

    For the first time we ate in the school´s canteen, everyone tried portuguese traditional food. Every country had to present their subject of blue growth.

    Finland was the first - Marine energy, Latvia continues - Blue bioeconomy, then Greece - Coastal tourism, the last but not the least Romania - Blue growth in general. 


    Tuesday,April 2nd
    First thing in the morning -  Professor Fernando lecture about “Blue economy and Blue Growth”. 

    Then we went to clean a black sand beach as a workshop of “Azores Fishing”.

    Sang in the bus to Furnas. We ate at a typical restaurant: “O Cantinho do Cais”.

    Swam in the thermal water pools, our swimsuits got yellow! 

    Wednesday, April 3rd.
    Met everyone and smiled at each other 😊. We had a successful Simulation rehearsal about “Eurovision”. 

    Got scared and seasick. Why? Because we went whale watching. 

    After that we interviewed some people down town on our topic.

    Thursday, April 4th.
    Waking up stressed for the Simulation today. The Simulation happened for half a day, we discussed different subtopics about Blue Growth. 

    At the end we all agreed to one final document. During international coffee break we tried foods from other countries. 

    After the long day we all went to the beach and ate some ice cream.

    Friday, April 5th.
    The day started off with group work about our week experiences. In a blog we show you what each group did. 

    On the other hand we are all sad because it is departure day tomorrow. Later each group presented their work. We worked so hard, I think we deserve dinner.