• MONDAY - 29/10/2018
    We started with two ice breaking games to learn things about Finland. Then we had our school presentations and we attended some classes in Finnish school.

    In our lunch break we ate some delicious sausages. After that we were asked to explore and find some points in the forest.

    At the end of the day we visited eco shop Globe Hope in Nummela.

    TUESDAY - 30/10/2018
    In the morning we went to chocolate factory Fazer, learnt Fazer’s history and ate a lot of chocolate. We had a great lunch in Pizza Rax! 

    Then we went at the EU office to learn more about European Union comission.

    Our teachers gave us some tasks to do in order to get to know Helsinki. We had a fantastic day strolling around Helsinki.

    WEDNESDAY - 31/10/2018
    Our day started with GMO presentations from each country.

    Afterwards we ate salmon at school’s cantine. After the lunch break we had simulation preperation.

    Then we had our international coffee break. We tasted a lot of different desserts from Romania, Portugal, Greece, Latvia and Finland.

    THURSDAY - 1/11/2018
    Thursday was our simulation day and we started at 8 instead of 9. We represented European council and our topic was genetically modified organisms. 

    During the simulation we had a lunch break. We ate spaghetti with mince. 

    We ended our long day visiting an ethical pig farm and we saw cute smelly pigs.

    FRIDAY - 2/11/2018
    In the morning we got together in multinational groups to make a blog about our week in Finland.

    In our final lunch break we ate fish soap.