• Monday -  16.04.2018.

    Our first day in Latvia we were all together at Andrejs Upits Skriveri Secondary School. Everyone was a little bit shy, but we found a way to make it better.
    We heard a speech from school’s head master Aldis Rakstins and also from teachers. They introduced us with this week’s activities. Then we had a school excursion, after that we attended a lesson. On Monday we also worked in multinational groups and we made presentations about nuclear energy.
    We had excursion and workshop at the Plavinas Hydroelectric Power plant and guided excursion in Skriveri district – cultural insights.

    Tuesday - 17.04.2018.

    We took a bus from Skrīveri and arrived in Riga by 10 o'clock. It was Vilma's birthday so we sang ''happy birthday" to her on the bus. At first, we visited European Union House and after that we had an excursion in the old town of Riga.

    Then, from the National Opera house of Latvia we took a bus to and made "Wilson's camera", which allowed us to see radioactive alpha-particles.

    Then we interviewed people about nuclear power in Old Riga town and after that we had dinner in "Lido".

    Wednesday - 18.04.2018.

    Our morning started with the workshop Impact of the Usage of the Nuclear Energy by Ms Sintija Ruze. Then we had the presentation of teaching scenarios.
    Finally, we were ready for simulation’s rehersal with Despina Papadaki. 


    Thursday - 19.04.2018.

    On Thursday we started our simulation about European Council discussing about nuclear power. The simulation was separated in 5 sections and we did four of them this day and we left the fifth one for the next day. We were all so excited to take part in such an interesting discussion!

    In the evening we had some free time which we used for spending more time together and getting to know better.


    We worked in five groups and group E created this blog. Group A had to collect data from the interviews that we did in Riga on Tuesday and analyze it.
    Group C created a poster about the simulation. Group D made a booklet about the project activities and group B put together videos from the week.
    At the end one of the most important parts of the day was evaluation and the closing event.