• Monday - 3/2/2020

    Starting the week, we went to Xenia  where we had ice-breaking games and each participating country did teaching scenario activities.

    Later, we had an international coffee break with foods from each country. After a  brief visit to educational museum, we spent the next few hours having a tour given by Mr Tzouras in the old town of Rethymno.

    In the evening, we went with our hosts to see the nightlife of Rethymnon.

    Tuesday - 4/2/2020

    Leaving early in the morning to catch the bus gave us plenty of time to go on an excursion to Heraklion. As we arrived there, we hopped out of the car, took a deep breath of fresh air and went to get tickets.

    As we entered, we felt the air heavy with history; for the better half of the day, we roamed the old Knossos Palace, now only ruins that hold all the answers. Under clear skies and bright sunlight, we were guided by Mr. Tzouras; he explained the entire group what exactly happened in the historical sight, told us a few legends and their hidden meanings. After we left the sight, we went to Europe Direct Center, where an Information and Communication Manager of Europe Direct Crete explained us on the topic European Parliament and Cultural Heritage in EU policies. There, we watched a presentation about each European party individually, they explained us what each party stands for, what their beliefs are and how they help manage the Europe that we know today.

    When we finished our meeting at Europe Direct, we had 3 hours’ free time to roam the historical center of Heraklion. Each one of us got a questionnaire, so, while we were discovering the place, we would ask people a few questions about cultural heritage and its importance in our daily life. During those 3 hours, we had plenty of time to get a bite to eat, to roam into different stores. After we were finished, we hopped back on the bus and went back to Rethymnon. Everyone thought it was an amazing day in which they learned so many new things.

    Wednesday - 5/2/2020

    Starting the day we went to  5th Peiramatiko Lykio Panepistimiou Kritis. We were given a school tour and got to know the school system.

    After that, we went to the Rethymno's town hall, where we had the rehearsal of the simulation of the European parliament. Afterwards, they took us to monastery of Arkadi and to ancient Eleutherna, where we watched a film about ancient Greece.

    Folowing that, we ate at a local traditional tavern. In the evening, after two hours of rest, we ate sushi all together and had great fun.

    Thursday - 6/2/2020

    We started this important day in a town hall exactly at 9.00. Well, at least, that was a plan. Anyway, the day was so important because it was the day of the simulation of the European parliament. Everyone had been waiting for it!

    The simulation started with personal statement from every member. People were nervous though the president said it’s not necessary. Luckily the minute was quick after all. After the speeches, parliament started talking about the topic from many views. Topic that the parliament was working with was cultural heritage in Europe. The main themes of the discussion were cultural heritage and economy, technology and education.

    There happened a lots of things during the simulation than just talking. Mr. Gaganis was disappointed about the way his party was doing and he set up a new party. The president of the simulation had some problems with pronouncing the names. At the end were the best speaker and the best diplomate chosen. Mr. Gaganis was the best speaker with his big speeches. Mr. Markoulidakis was the best diplomate with his political points. We also had two breaks for eating. Food was good as always! After the simulation it was time to wait for the evening. Some went to eat, other relaxed or got ready. 

    Farewell party started at 20.00 and it was in a restaurant which is few kilometers away from Rethymnon. There was lots of greek food, music and dancing from all over the world and of course: fun. The principal and other teachers had short speeches for thank people. They gave diplomas to students and teachers. Party, and Thursday, ended after the midnight.

    Friday - 7/2/2020

    Everyone is a bit sad about the fact that this is the last day of project, the last day in which we get to spend our time in the beautiful island that is Crete, the last day in which we speak with people from all around Europe. In the morning, before we split into groups, we played a few team-building activities, including “Trust your chair” game. Everyone that is part of the project got split into 6 groups that each worked for: blog, video, leaflets, speech, poster and infographics.

    After we will finish, we will take a well-deserved break with coffee and international snacks and, afterwards, we will evaluate our outcome, we will see what the rest of the teams created.

    In the evening, everyone will participate in the closing ceremony and the festive dinner. Even though not many say it, everyone will miss this project. It’s been a great opportunity for each and every one of us to interact with new people and to get to participate in an European Parliament simulation game, through which we all learned a great deal.