• First LTT - GREECE


    Program for the Learning –Teaching-Training activity in Athens “Be the change”


    Activities in Greece

      - Guided tour of the school                                                                                                                                                                         -  - 

    -  Presentation of the work done in each partner school about the causes and consequences of the environmental crisis  

     - Taking part in a philosophical dialogue to discuss the notion of responsibility                                                                          

     - Workshop to discuss the causes and consequences of climate change                                                                 

    - Roleplay activity to experience the destructive consequences of a fire in a forest, and performance in front of  school members

      Discovery of Athens  and environmentally interesting places in its surroundings (the Acropolis and the historical centre of Athens, the National park of Mount Parnitha, the National Park of Schinias, the Botanical Garden Diomedes, Hydra Island ) with guided visits in English and practical and outdoor activities linked to the environment and sustainable development.                                                              

    Discovery of the way of life in the suburbs of Athens by staying in a host family.                                            

    Teachers’ meeting to discuss the implementation of the program, the communication, and evaluate the progress so far. 




    A report  about Greece mobility, done by Bulgarian students: Djesika and Aleksandra




    Report in French: