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  • May, 2019

    Philosophical dialogue "Conflict and Conflict Resolution" in Bulgaria.


    March, 2019

    Philosophical dialogue "Relationship between Man and Nature" in France:

    Ph Dialogue-Relationship between Man and Nature- March 2019.docx

    Bulgarian students involved in the philosophical dialogue "Man and Nature", "What is Nature for me?"


    Let's use the Padlet wall to think together! (Don't forget to write your name and your country on your post)

    What is my relationship to Nature?

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    What is happiness to me?

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    Bulgaria, 09 October 2018 "What is happiness for me"

                                  Philosophical dialogue led by Birgitte during the mobility in Bulgaria.


    France, 10 September 2018  "What is happiness?"

    France, 23 May 2018   "What do I really need?"

    Philosophical dialogue led by Ingun during the mobility in France


    Here are the notes taken during this very interesting dialogue:  


    Portugal, Thursday 7th February, Philosophical Dialogues " What does it mean to be responsible?"/ "What am I responsible for?"/ " What can I do on a local basis to put this into practice?"

    Students saw some pictures from a nearby park with some polluted areas( trash all over the place). They described the pictures and came up with some ideas about the ones who were responsible for that situation being  introduced with the topic of responsibility. They worked in small groups and then shared their conclusions to the big group. Next step was going over the questions -  "What am I responsible for?" and " How can I put into practice this responsibility?". From this work some strategies were drawn ( plan of action) to change the situation in collaboration with the local authorities. In the meantime all this process of enquiry was registered on a wallpaper that is going to be exhibited in the Erasmus + corner to disseminate the good practices, the project, and the group intentions to the school community. There are photos on the facebook restrict group and on etwinning pictures section.

    France, Thursday 1st February, Philosophical dialogue "What am I responsible for?"

    Norway, Philosophical dialogue about Responsibility

    We asked our students (8th and 9th graders) to summarize some main points from our dialogue about responsibility and post them on a Padlet to share it with others. Here is the result:



    On Wednesday 13 December, two classes of 2nd year students had a philosophical dialogue organized by their Science teacher and the School Librarian.

    The question discussed was "Must we preserve biodiversity?". It was a way to introduce the topic of biodiversity they are going to work on during their next Science lessons.


    November, 2017

    On 22th November, we organized the first philosophical dialogue with  students who have involved in the project. They are from  7th and 9th grade. Our aim was to create the rules of a good dialogue. The question was "What makes a good communication?"     

     We started with brainstorm game using  a digital tool Kahoot.

    Students have used Google docs to summarise their opinions.The result is here:


    On 9th October, we organized our 1st philosophical dialogue with year 9 students (8th grade). Our aim was to establish the rules of the dialogues. The question was "what makes good communication?"                                         

    We started by watching a video of the French Assembly with members of Parliament shouting and not listening to one another during a debate. Here is the spidergram we produced with the ideas developped by the participating students: