About our school:

     IES Arabuleila: Instituto de Educación Secundaria y Bachillerato.

    Our school is located in an area known as La Vega de Granada, a relevant agricultural extension close to the capital. It was opened in 2003 as a section attached to IES Federico García Lorca in Churriana, and it became an independent school the following year.

    Cúllar Vega has a diverse population, so are our students. In general terms, we can say that our families are middle class and that many of them have been seriously affected by the recession to such extent, that some are in a serious risk of exclusion. In addition, we would like to highlight the fact that we not only have students from different nationalities whose families are making their living in the fields in La Vega, but also the high percentage of Romani students attending our school. Some of the countries of origin are Morocco, Bolivia, Russia, China, and Ivory Coast. Taking this into account, we can consider our school as an intercultural space, very sensitive and worried about the social inclusion of our students.

                Since 2006 our school offers bilingual education in English in some areas such as Geography and History, Biology, Art and Technology, which makes our school rather international.

                The staff has been developing activities keeping two goals in mind: make the students familiar with the education in other countries in the EU and exchange teaching techniques with other schools. Not in vain our school has taken part in several projects:

    • Two Comenius Multilateral Partnerships: NEMO (New Mathematics Objectives) and MATCH (Maths in Help of the Crisis).
    • Two Comenius Mobilities with students between the years 2012 and 2014.
    • A Comenius Bilateral Partnership between 2012 and 2014: Heritage and Territory.
    • An Erasmus Plus programme (2014-2016): From Perception to Representation.

    As to Environmental Issues, there is a lot of work to do not only in the school but also with the whole community.  Even the local authorities show their interest on this topic and take action in order to raise the environmental awareness of the population. We live in particularly vulnerable area which used to be a fruitful agricultural source and that was devastated by the over buildings construction in the last decade. After the blowing of the housing bubble the effects in the area are rather obvious, there are areas full of debris completely abandoned which invite to throw even more rubbish around.

    Taking this into account, for us is a must to participate in a project devoted to this goal and a total pleasure to do it with a Norwegian coordinator since Norway is known as the most developed country in this area.

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