Move2learn, Learn2Move 4-9 June, 2018, Marl, Germany

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    Welcoming pdf for the guests

    On this page we, as Young European Journalists United, document the Move2Learn adventure in Marl, Germany, which is the award we have been given for our eTwinning project "Citizens@work". 

    Thus our keywords will be:  Move2learn about our hosts' Cultural Heritage, Move2schoolwork, Move2toworkout,  Move2be surprised

    Here you have a quote  from Mrs. Beate Vollmer's email when sending the Italian Move2Learn team the programme

    "We are situated in the Ruhr Valley region of Germany, coal mining has been a very important part of people's lives here. This year the last coal mine closes and for years the region has tried to reinvent itself without the coal industry. So you will get a glimpse of what this cultural heritage means and how people worked in those days when we will visit the Pit Zollverein.

    We will also consider the world of work in another exhibition dedicated to different fields of work.

    And there will be ample opportunity for other work outs. So please bring your sports gear (shoes, sports clothes, swimming costume)."


    DAY 1 June 4th 

    Arrival day: Roma Termini -> Roma Fiumicino->Dusseldorf->Essen->Marl (train, plane, train)

    Planning the eTwinning week documentation 


    DAY 2 June 5th 

    Excursion to the UNESCO cultural heritage site: Pit Zollverein - Ruhr Museum - the Age of Coal - A European History

    Lunch break in the city of Essen


    DAY 3 June 6th 

    Classes at ASGSG - School Rallye - Guided tour  of the school - 

    School rallye

    Guided tour of the school


    DAY 4 June 7th 

    Excursion at the DASA Museum in Dortmund - Exhibition: The World of work 


    DAY 5 June 8th 

    Classes at ASGSG - eTwinning work - Marl Town Rallye - Sculpture Museum Marl Exhibition: Coal and art - Festive get-together barbecue