Young European Journalists United

This multi-lingual project (Spanish, English) aims at acquainting pupils with their European partners’ culture by means of digital collaboration. Pupils will write an English / Spanish e-school magazine in which they report about their experience of school life and other topics of interest. Already before the registration of the project pupils have suggested potential topics to be dealt with: culture, hobbies (favourite books), music, travel, food, news (EU news), economy, sports, school life, volunteering, trends (e. g. in fashion). A European Debates section in every e-school-magazine informs pupils about recent EU news and the need for democratic principles, justice, equality, citizenship and societal participation. A Creative Corner will provide pupils with the chance to unleash their creative potential. A Digital Space will inform pupils about useful tools for project work and thus support peer learning. Current School Events – will present school activities throughout the school

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