Onești - România

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    Onești (the Romanian pronunciation being [oˈneʃtʲ]) is a little town in Bacău CountyRomania, with a population of 39,172 inhabitants. Administratively, the villages of Slobozia and Borzești form part of Onești. It is located in the eastern part of Romania, in the Trotus Depression  at an altitude of 175 m.

    The town was founded as a village on December 14, 1458, and it is said that it was named after prince Stephen the Great's daughter, Oana. The place was designated an industrial area in 1955 and was built like a town around a few factories, because the workers from the other towns needed a place to stay. In time, schools were built to teach workers and, after that, there were also built new roads, blocks of flats, shops and markets.

    At the death of the communist leader Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej in March 1965, it was renamed  Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej in his honour, but the name was changed back to Onești  in 1996. Some fifteen years ago, Onești had one of the strongest industrial groups in Romania. It had a big oil refinery, a synthetic-rubber factory and a large chemical plant.

    Saint Nicholas is the patron saint  of the city, whose inhabitants are predominantly Romanian Orthodox. St. Nicholas Day, 6 December, is the municipal day of Oneşti.

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