Söderköping -Sweden

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    This is a picture of the local church. The church was built in the 13th centaury. The church is located in Ostra Ryd which lies 20 kilometres south of Soderkoping.

    The church was renovated in the 18th centaury. You perform baptisms and weddings and funerals and that kind of stuff. 







      One of these Shetland ponies is a local hero of Ostra Ryd. This horse saved a 6 year old child from drowning when he went through the ice and into the freezing water. The simple and clean truth is that the horse just dragged him out of the water.






    The Fatburen was built in the 17th centaury they used the Fatburen as a storage house. They have built a copy of the house in Stockholm the capitol city of Sweden, because of its historical value.









    The lake is called Hawaii. Its really nice to swim there at summer. The lake is called Hawaii because of the colour of the water. A lot of people like to party by this lake, because its located in the country side and there is not many people situated.









    This is the local football pitch. It was elected to the finest pitch of Ostergotland in 1996. The team that plays on this pitch is quite lousy because of many different factors.










    This is a mansion is located in Bjorkvik. People from the whole world come here to hunt

    different kinds of animals for example boar and deer.