• Cultur@l HerITage


    T.S. Eliot

    2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

    About the project

    Cultural Heritage is a concept including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values that connects a community together, expresses the ways of living developed in thousands of years.

    On a globalized and standardized world by using technology, protecting and promoting cultural diversity and dialogue is the main current priority, with special emphasis on the tangible and intangible heritage.

    Our students will work collaboratively to create a web site while they are learning about Cultural Heritage. Students will work in multinational teams to perform this work. We will ask want is cultural heritage, why we should presxerve it and what can se do to preserve it.

    Students will use technology to understand and learn past generations.

    We will use web 2.0 technologies to perform collaborative tasks. The outcome is coded in HTML, CSS, Javascript and XML technologies.



    As we are a team of IT teachers, the main goal is to have our pupils practice IT technologies by learning about "Cultural Heritage" and at the end learn how to design and built a web site about the subject collaboratively.

    Promoting and enabling contact, exchange of ideas and collaborative work between students and teachers through ICTs will be our common aims.

    Learn about partners regions, customs, interesting places, and from other European regions as well.

    Promote researching and improving English competence.

    By using ICT tools and creating a web site content, students will be aware of copyrights, general public licence.

    Develop motivational materials related with to Cultural Heritage to promote cultural awareness

    Discovering mother tongues / other foreign languages and other cultures is a possible target, too.