Mission 7: Planet X's new name

  • Mission 7: Planet X's new name

    Dear scientists,

    You have almost reached Planet X. Now it's time to think of how you want Planet X to be, what do you wish to have on the planet, real things and unreal things? We leave all the bad things on Earth;)


    1. Each crew member has to think of two "wishes" for Planet X expressed in no more than 3 words. write down the 8 (10) wishes of your crew

    For example: wish in one word: Friendship

                           wish in two words: CleanEnvironment (written as one word, using the capital letter to split)

                            wish in three words:FlyingSwimmingBycicle

    2:  Each crew member has to think of a name for the planet. Vote/agree on one name. Write down the name.

    3. Make a Word Cloud with the wishes and the name like this one for example:

    Kasiannette is the name and the rest are the wishes

     Write the 8 (10)wishes in the application. Then write the (1) name FOUR times (then it becomes bigger than the other words). Make the cloud, edit it and download it (ask coordinator).

    To start, click HERE

    More instructions after the word clouds are made.