Mission 4: feedback project videos

  • Dear crews, in Mission 4 we want you to give your opinion about the three videos we have produced in the project:

    Video 1: Annette's visit to the GTC

    Video 2: The astronomers visit at La Rosa School

    Video 3: The telescope tutorial made by the Spanish ground crew

    Watch them again, talk about it with your crew members and leave 1 message per country, per crew. Follow the instructions on the Padlet. You may use the example sentences in the title of the project.

    For this mission all crews can win 50 AU

    Results: Crew 1: 25 AU (one post missing)  Crew 2: 50 AU  Crew 3: 50 AU  Crew 4: 50 AU  Crew 5: 50 AU

    Just double click on the Padlet to create a new message

    Hecho con Padlet