Mission 2 - show your base camp

  • Cohetes Espaciales - GIFMANIA                                            DEAR SCIENTISTS, 

    Mission 2 is waiting for you. We need information about your base camps. The work is divided amongst all crews. This mission needs good collaboration!

    Each crew will make a presentation in Powerpoint. All the presentations together will create a digital handbook about the basecamps for all scientists.

    For the presentations which fulfill all requirements given to your crews by your IAU Coordinators you can win up to  200 AU.  

    The topics for  Mission 2 will be drawn during Skype meeting. All crews from Spain and Poland are invited to take part in this video meeting. 

    The main topics are as follows: 

    1.   Country

    2.   Town and school

    3.   Food and festivities

    4.    Nature

    5.    Famous people

    All crews will be also drawing additional topics which are focused on specific astronomical issues of their countries. 

    The additional topic for Spanish crews are: 

    1.   Astrophysical Institution of the Canary Islands

    2.   Observatory Roque de los Muchachos

    3.   Telescope GRANTECAN

    4.    Web Astronomical viewpoints

    5.    Astro tourism

    The additional topics for Polish crews are: 

    1. Planetarium in Toruń 

    2.Observatory in Toruń

    3. Astronomical discoveries from Toruń / Poland 

    4.Astro tourism in Toruń 

    5. Astronomers from Toruń / Poland 


    The results of the topic drawing on our video meeting on 23rd October are:



    TOPIC 1



    CREW 1



    astronomical  tourism in La Palma

    astronomers from Torun and Poland

    CREW 2


    famous national people


    telescope GranTeCan

    astronomical tourim en Torun

    CREW 3


    food and festivals

    astrophysical Institution of the Canary islands


    observatory in Torun

    CREW 4


    nature in your country

    observatory Roque de los Muchachos

    astronomical discoveries from Torun, Poland

    CREW 5


    town and school


    astronomical viewpoints


    planetarium in Torun


    Detailed instructions in the file folders in materials.



    The base camp handbook is now ready for all scientists. It includes lots of information thanks to the wonderful collaboration of all crews.

    Good job! Here are the won AU for each crew's work: