Activity C10: Life without electricity

  • Some results of students activities from Staré Město 

    1. Whistle

    Traditional product of children. Children made it from willow with a knife.

    2. Corn Leaf Dolls

    The base of the figure is a flexible wire, the head is artistically curved from a corn leafes The doll skirt is made up of several layers of corn leafes, of which the lowest is not necessarily the highest quality. After two days, when the doll dries, the hair and the face are finished. The most important and the most difficult thing to do, however, is to capture the right shape and movement and to inhale the life of the figure.

    Související obrázek

    3. Mr Leoš Křižka

    Basketwork products are made of willow wicker, green wicker, pedigree, straw knit, elhar cords (sea grass), rattan and wicker. The basic assortment includes products of everyday use, such as baskets and wood baskets, racks, stands, trays, bottles and glasses. We visited this producer of wicker baskets. 


    4. Manufacture of toys with children
    As part of the "Open Workshops" event organized by students and school teachers, children were able to produce wooden toys or a chair or bird feeder (